Organo Gold Green Tea

25 Sachets per Box
Organo Gold Green TeaBalance, peace, and energy. It’s what you want from a cup of tea and it’s exactly what you’ll find in Organo Gold Green Tea. Made with high quality green tea leaves and amazing organic Ganoderma, this green tea will bring a feeling of zen to your mind, body and soul. Flavourful and invigorating, a cup of Organo Gold Green Tea will start your day with clean energy or give you a boost of rejuvenation at the end of a long afternoon.

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A soothing, delicious cup of green tea is the perfect way to start your morning. Organo Gold Green Tea is packed with the finest organic green tea leaves to bring you a warm, tasty beverage that will keep you going all day. Blended with Ganoderma lucidum for health and balance, this tea is finely-tuned to bring you calm, consistent energy.


Organo Gold Green Tea

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Not bad

This green tea is pretty nice. The only thing bad with it is the tea bag seems to float so I have to use a spoon to hold it down while it brews.No big deal I guess but would be good if it stayed in the bottom of the cup
Maureen R, Victoria (Sale) - 27/04/2015

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