Organo Gold Coffee Pods
Greg Norman Signature Blend DUE

20 capsules per box
Organo Gold Coffee Pods DUE This new blend of Arabica and Robusta beans is the perfect combination to invigorate your morning, focus your afternoon and extend your evening. Designed for the refined palates of European coffee drinkers, these powerful Organo Gold coffee pods will energise your mind and body with the smooth, classic taste you expect from Arabica beans. Compatible with all major coffee pod machines, these new coffee pods from Organo Gold will be the talk of the office and will have your colleagues begging for you to share.
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Organo Gold’s DUE blend, part of the Greg Norman Espresso Coffee Pod Signature Series, is a master blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. This carefully created espresso combines the smooth flavor of Arabica beans with the unmistakeable punch of Italian espresso. You’ll be drinking this exquisite blend all day as each small cup keeps you focused for your busy schedule. Organo Gold coffee pods – try them today!


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